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Give yourself permission to let it hurt, but also allow yourself the permission to let it heal.
— Nikki Rowe

What is Reiki?

Reiki is a holistic healing system that was devised by a Japanese priest, Dr. Mikao Usui, in the early part of the 20th century. Reiki is used to balance, heal, and harmonize one's body, mind, emotions, and spirit. It also promotes relaxation and stress reduction, as well as a sense of wholeness and well-being. Reiki healing also encourages self-awareness, personal growth, and spiritual development, whether it's used for self-healing or healing of others.

The word Reiki is made of two Japanese words - Rei which means "God's Wisdom or the Higher Power" and Ki which is "life force energy". It's often translated as "universal life-force energy" or "spiritually guided life force energy." It's a powerful spiritual energy that aids in healing of ourselves and the world we live in since we're all connected.

As a living being, you contain and radiate Ki, which is the biomagnetic energy of your aura. When you're dealing with mental, emotional, or physical dis-ease and distress, your energy and Ki may be imbalanced and out of alignment. A Reiki healing session is one way to aid in healing any discomfort you're experiencing and restore your Ki so that you feel happy, healthy, and vibrant.

Through Reiki healing sessions, practitioners have the ability to channel the healing energy of Reiki to aid in the release of physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual blocks, such as unhealthy or non-beneficial chords and attachments, and rebalance the client's energy to heal them on all levels. Clearing old patterns and thoughts that can inhibit your personal growth and spiritual development is important, and Reiki is one healing modality that can aid in clearing what's keeping you stuck while raising your vibrational frequency.

Reiki is commonly administered as a non-intrusive hands-on treatment, where the practitioner uses specific hand positions and symbols to facilitate healing. Ki flows from the universal source through the practitioner and is passed onto the recipient either through direct contact or hovering hands. Reiki treatments focus on holistically healing an individually in mind, body, and spirit as opposed to a specific symptom or ailment.

A session can also be conducted as distance healing where the practitioner and recipient don't need to be in the same physical space for the healing to occur; the practitioner can tune into the Ki and vibrational frequency of the recipient from afar.

Reiki is a unique kind of life force that can only be channeled by someone who's been attuned to it. I've been a practitioner since 2013 and became a Reiki Master in early 2018. I'm grateful to be able to help others heal through Reiki in my own special way, and serve you no matter where you are in the world. See details below to book a session with me.


Client Testimonials

After a long 7 months of healing from some medical issues, I found myself becoming more in tune with myself, and having the desire to be more mindful. A friend found Kendalyn’s mindfulness class online. We attended, and I learned that she also does Reiki. I had been playing with the idea of trying Reiki since I have learned about it over these long 7 months, and was eager to find someone or somewhere to do so.

Well, the Universe provided me with Kendalyn, and she has gone above and beyond in all areas. She explained the process, the ideas behind it all and followed up with what she saw during my session. She made this first-timer feel comfortable, relaxed and at complete ease the whole time. When I left, I felt I was seeing things so vividly and clearly-I felt so light! The next day at work coworkers told me I looked differently, and my student’s were the best they have been all year! I felt the good energy in all areas, and I am so grateful. I already can’t wait to book another session! :-)
— Maryanne
My distance healing session with Kendalyn gave me so much more than I expected. The after-effects of it all followed me into the next day, leaving me feeling more relaxed, lighter, and more clear-headed. Kendalyn helped me feel very cared about and provided a safe space in which I could begin some deep healing.

During the session I felt more deeply relaxed than I have in ages, and was surprised by the energetic shifts and sensations I felt despite the distance - it really felt as if she could have been in the room with me giving me the reiki treatment. The insight she provided me with after the session resonated with me immensely, and it’s all helping me work through some difficult changes I’m going through in my life. She reaffirmed some things I’d thought before (but not trusted myself on), offered some intuitive guidance, and helped remind me that I have the power to make positive changes in my life. I felt truly seen by her, in a way that was empowering and also helpful to understanding some things about myself, and she’s given me so much to think about.
— Danielle

Book an In-Person or Distance Healing Session


In-Person Reiki Healing

I currently offer in-person Reiki sessions at Mind Body Barre's fitness and healing studio in North Easton, MA. In-person sessions are offered in 60- and 90-minute intervals, and time is allotted to discuss any concerns or questions before and after. During energy healing sessions I often receive messages that will enable you to further your healing after the session is over. I'll share any messages I receive for you post-session if you are open to receiving them.

During an in-person session you can experience the amazing benefits of a hands-on Reiki healing from the comfort of a warm and inviting space in our cozy studio. You can dress comfortably and show up as you are. Plan to spend most of the time relaxed on a massage table, and I'll have additional sacred healing tools that I use to support you during your healing session.

Upon booking, you'll receive a consent form that you'll need to return, as well as a short survey to disclose any information you'd like me to be aware of prior to our session together.

$75 for 1 hour or $110 for 90 minutes


Distance Reiki Healing

The hermetic law of similarity states that we're all connected across time and distance, which means that even though distance Reiki healing sessions aren't conducted with us being present in the same physical space, you can still receive the same healing benefits you'd receive in person. With distance healing sessions, you can experience the benefits of Reiki anytime, anywhere, at your convenience; all you need to do is be present and open to receiving healing.

You can choose between a 30- and 60-minute session, and I'll notify you via text when I'm beginning so that you can find a comfortable spot to relax and be present during your healing session. I'll document any messages I receive during our time together and will email a summary to you shortly afterwards. I'm happy to connect via phone or email to address any questions or concerns that come up post-session.

Upon booking, you'll receive a consent form that you'll need to return, as well as a short survey to disclose any information you'd like me to be aware of prior to our session together.

$50 for 30 minutes or $75 for 1 hour

Want a behind-the-scenes of what a distance healing session looks like?

Take a peek at the video below!


Interested in becoming a Reiki practitioner?

Check out my events page for upcoming public trainings. You can also contact me to set up a private training for Reiki I or Reiki II (minimum of 3 students).



Like meditation, Reiki treatments have a cumulative benefit and are supportive of one's overall well-being. While Reiki supports wellness for the physical, emotional and mental body, and can enhance other forms of treatment, it's not a magic cure or quick fix and is no replacement for licensed medical treatment.

If you have a health condition and want to be treated with Reiki, it is recommended that you do so under the supervision of an enlightened medical doctor or other health care professional.