Inner Alchemy Intensives


Go from feeling like a misfit to becoming a magic maker.

Alchemy is the process of becoming the person you are equipped to be, and finding the golden self that is hidden beneath all obstacles... In this case, life itself processes you with the promise of making you a real and unique person.
— Thomas Moore, Ageless Soul


As a nurturer, you tend to naturally put the needs of others before your own and sneak just a little downtime for yourself.

You’ve gotten by on self-care crumbs until now,  but deep down you feel alone in the world. Unseen. Unheard. And likely misunderstood.

When you begin to dream a little bigger about who you could be? To question the current status quo of your life?

That’s your inner guilt trigger, and you quickly shut down any thoughts of stepping into your full power.

Here’s the disenchanting truth:

You’re not just a mom, partner, friend or daughter….

You're uniquely YOU! And that craving for a sense of connection to something bigger, as well as other like-minded souls, isn’t all in your head.

You know that putting on a mask for the world is starting to feel exhausting.

pink altar.jpg

This isn’t the real you – but you’re not *really* sure what it would take to reconnect with her and strip down the layers of protection you’ve built up over time.

Fortunately, you have both the power and the capacity to operate differently.

Yup! Within you lies the tools to tune into what you really, truly want and the muscle to turn those dreams into reality!

Remember wishing on a star as a little girl?

Well, good news — there’s an even bigger and better way to get your wishes granted and become your own fairy godmother.

And I'm here to show you how.

With dedication and effort, you can:

  • Overcome self-doubt and inhibitions

  • Establish healthy physical routines in your mind and body

  • Seek success in the areas of life that you value (think: relationships, finances, career, the quest for truth, security, adventure – you name it, you can manifest it).

When you get really clear and conscious on your goals and set impactful intentions you can shift gears into the fast lane towards your dreams.

The best part is that by working with the Universe you don’t have to force it — it will happen naturally if you follow your intuition and take inspired action.


Inner Alchemy Intensives


An Inner Alchemy Intensive is a 90-minute coaching session where we dive into what's going on in your life deeply and honestly and work together to identify and overcome the obstacles standing between where you are and where you want to be.

As you begin to process the raw material within your life (relationships, past and present life experiences, traumas, etc.) you're able to shed old layers and beliefs that inhibit you from living the life you want to live. Side note: without that period of processing and moving through it you'll continue to stay stuck right where you are.

Choosing to discover and heal what's not working is like an initiation and a rite of passage into a more fulfilling and meaningful life.

It's not easy to acknowledge when things aren't working, but it's the first step in your transformation!

This approach isn't about striving for perfection but instead is about working with tools like reflection and your own inner wisdom to distill down to what really makes you tick and what matters to you.

You are the alchemist here.

Since each person is so unique and made up of their own raw materials, every session is tailored to you and addressing your current needs and goals.

How Alchemical Healing sessions work:

  • My job is to hold space for you as you unearth and accept what's holding you back (limiting beliefs, unhealthy relationships, unhealed mental and energetic wounds, etc.) and help you work your way through them to the other side.

  • These intensives don’t create instant transformation – healing is hard work! It requires you to be willing to sit with your discomfort because you have to feel it to heal it.

  • You must be willing to show up and do the work with consistency, patience, devotion, and an open mind and heart.

  • Reiki Healing and other modalities such as tarot, oracle cards, and meditations are often included during our sessions to support and ground our energies.

We'll work together to:

  • Fine tune your connection with your intuition, so that you have the skills and confidence to continue working with it on your own.

  • Break the chains of old habits, cycles, and limitations you're experiencing so you can write the future you desire.

  • Heal what no longer serves you, so that you can bridge the gap between where you are and where you long to be.

  • Create action steps to help you achieve your goals in your own time, at your own pace.

Remember: you're the sorceress with the almighty magic wand and you get to bippity-boppity-boo the sh*t out of life by connecting more deeply with yourself, healing what's holding you back, and stepping into a more enlightened and powerful space so that you can reclaim what's already yours!

Are you ready to let go of what's holding you back and expand into your greatness for all the world to see?

If so, I'm truly excited to work with you and grateful you've chosen me as a companion on your journey.



Hi, I'm Kendalyn! A healing facilitator, self-discovery coach, and owner of Sage & Sea Apothecary.

I’m the creator of the Remember Your Magic™ method, which helps womxn hone in on their purpose and desires, and empowers them to take action. Through this process, I guide my clients to identify the root of their “stuck-ness” and disconnection, remove the blocks and barriers getting in their way, reconnects them with their true nature, and helps them feel confident in expressing the truest version of themselves.

I’m also a trained marine biologist and wannabe mermaid, and love nothing more than diving deep into the depths of soul work to help my clients emerge as their highest selves.



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I currently offer 90-minute Inner Alchemy Intensives at $150.

Prior to paying and booking, you'll be asked to answer a short series of questions so that I can understand where you're coming from and the direction you're headed in.


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