Kendalyn Banks
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Embrace YOU.

Ignite Your Magic.


There’s a big difference between who you are on a soul level, and who you’re presenting to the world.

When the two are out of alignment it can (literally) be a steady build to crushing your soul on repeat.

The first step to breaking this disenchantment?

Remembering that you still own your inner magic — your true nature — and that it’s not too late to reclaim it!

If you’re seeking pleasure, passion, purpose and deeper connection to yourself and the earth, I’m here to help.


Hi love! I’m Kendalyn — self-discovery coach, healing facilitator, and your neighborhood wise witch.

I’m devoted to helping you tap into your innate inner wisdom — the real you that’s likely been living on silent, but has never left you!

Why does this part of you matter? Because it’s your magic. Where your joy lives, where your life purpose resides, where you can access the answers to all the questions.

As a self-discovery coach and healing facilitator, I help take the stress and overwhelm out of reconnecting with this place and rediscovering YOU — so you can shed what’s no longer working and embrace your authenticity (even the parts that have been hidden, shamed, and disowned — they matter, too!) in a safe space.



My Services


Inner Alchemy Intensives

A 90-minute deep dive that will help you blend the ordinary with the extraordinary. We’ll use a combination of discussion, Reiki energy healing, and magical tools like Tarot and oracle cards to help you get clear on what’s holding you back and help you step into a more enlightened and powerful space so that you can reclaim who you are and what you want.

Remember Your Magic

A 12-week program designed to help you pinpoint exactly where you’re feeling disheartened in your life. We work together to make peace with where you are so you can: feel it, heal it and transcend beyond it! You deserve to have a life you don’t feel the need to constantly retreat from.



Coming soon…

Working with the Witch Archetype

A 6-week live group experience where we’ll deconstruct the witch archetype. You’ll learn why being called a witch isn’t necessarily a bad thing, and how to call upon the witch archetype to find self-empowerment and celebrate the wisdom within you.



Hi, I'm Kendalyn! A healing facilitator, self-discovery coach, and owner of Sage & Sea Apothecary.

I’m the creator of the Remember Your Magic™ method, which helps womxn hone in on their purpose and desires, and empowers them to take action. Through this process, I guide my clients to identify the root of their “stuck-ness” and disconnection, remove the blocks and barriers getting in their way, reconnects them with their true nature, and helps them feel confident in expressing the truest version of themselves.

I’m also a trained marine biologist and wannabe mermaid, and love nothing more than diving deep into the depths of soul work to help my clients emerge as their highest selves.

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